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About Time etc

Time etc connects time-poor entrepreneurs with experienced executive assistants, for a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time. Clients pay a simple monthly subscription to access the assistance they need to achieve more.

Founded in 2007 and bootstrapped without any external funding, Time etc has grown into a true success story with a team of 500 entirely remote freelance assistants in the USA and UK saving clients more than 750,000 hours so far.

Other notable achievements include several accolades and awards including Real Business Top 25 SME leaders and The Guardian Smarter Working award. Time etc is highly rated by clients and assistants alike, and was ranked by Gallup as being in the top 1% of all organisations worldwide for employee engagement.

Founder Barnaby Lashbrooke heads up a passionate, dedicated team alongside special advisor Penni Pike, previously executive assistant to Sir Richard Branson for 31 years.

Barnaby Lashbrooke

Barnaby Lashbrooke

Founder and CEO

Barnaby started his first business, a web hosting company, from his bedroom at age 17. He built the company to 24,000 customers and later sold it in a multi-million dollar deal.

As an entrepreneur, Barnaby felt like he desperately need an assistant but couldn't justify the cost and didn't know how to find a good one. To solve this problem, he launched Time etc in 2007 and has been dedicated to helping entrepreneurs achieve more ever since.

Barnaby bucks the trend for most entrepreneurs, because he works a strict maximum of 35 hours a week. He explains how he does this in his 2020 book The Hard Work Myth .

Based in the UK, Barnaby is also a dad of three, an investor and long-running columnist for Forbes Magazine.

Penni Pike

Penni Pike


Penni Pike is widely regarded as one of the very best executive assistants in the world, and has spoken at events in Brighton, Dubai, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne and Sydney.

Penni Pike joined Virgin in 1974 as a backroom helper in the first Virgin Megastore in Oxford Street. She quickly progressed to become Sir Richard Branson's Executive Assistant, a position she held for 31 years until her retirement from the company in 2005.

During the time she served as Branson's right-hand woman, she witnessed every twist and turn of the Virgn's fortunes across the globe; Virgin Records the creation of Virgin Atlantic, global balloon trips, the launch of hundreds of Virgin businesses and much, much more besides.

Penni has been an important member of the team here at Time etc since 2011 and has helped to shape the company into the thriving business it is today.

Time etc in numbers

  • 22,000+ clients served
  • 500+ freelance assistants
  • 1,500,000+ hours saved
  • 2007 founded

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