How can a virtual assistant help?

Hiring yourself to do energy-zapping tasks is holding you back.

79% of entrepreneurs work a longer week than anyone else - but only 33% of businesses survive for more than 10 years. It's time to make every day count.

Doing everything yourself

  • Slow business growth
  • Little or no time on strategy
  • Disorganized and stressed
  • Missing out on family moments

Delegating to an assistant

  • Hit and exceed your goals
  • Spend time on strategy and planning
  • Feel focused and organized
  • More time with the people that matter

Don't know what to delegate?

Answer a couple of questions about your to-do list we'll show you exactly what you can offload to an assistant.

Find out what to delegate
Your assistant
Do more, achieve more and earn more

With the right virtual assistant by your side, you're unstoppable.

What do the world's most successful entrepreneurs have in common? The ability to delegate and keep every day free of energy-zapping tasks.

They know that having an assistant isn't a luxury - an assistant is an essential tool and vital to their success.

Whether you want to grow your business, maximize your billable time, spend more time at home or simply feel less stressed and disorganized, an assistant will make all the difference.

Choose your objective to see how a virtual assistant can help

Achieve more
How your virtual assistant can help you achieve more

Your assistant will:

  • Free you from time-wasting and distracting tasks
  • Allow you to focus on critical tasks
  • Help you hit deadlines and goals

Your assistant might do this by:

  • Managing your inbox and schedule
  • Handling routine and admin tasks from your to-do list
  • Keeping you well organized on a daily basis
Earn more

How your virtual assistant can help you earn more

Your assistant will:

  • Free you from non revenue generating tasks
  • Help you spend more time with clients
  • Allow you to focus on fee-earning work

Your assistant might do this by:

  • Handling comunication with your clients
  • Managing your schedule and appointments
  • Taking care of admin including invoicing and billing
Feel more organized

How your virtual assistant can help you get more organized

Your assistant will:

  • Help you get and stay organized
  • Free up significant amounts of your time every day
  • Help you see which important tasks you need to work on

Your assistant might do this by:

  • Organizing your schedule and task list
  • Helping you prioritize your tasks
  • Taking care of time-wasting and un-important tasks
Reduce stress

How your virtual assistant can help you reduce stress

Your assistant will:

  • Reduce the number of tasks you have on your plate
  • Help you get and stay organized
  • Get a good balance between work and home life

Your assistant might do this by:

  • Taking care of time-consuming tasks
  • Managing your inbox and voicemail
  • Organizing your schedule
Reclaim time

How your virtual assistant can help you reclaim time

Your assistant will:

  • Free hours of your time every week
  • Liberate you from your email inbox
  • Help you stop doing time-wasting tasks

Your assistant might do this by:

  • Managing your inbox and sorting your emails
  • Taking care of time-wasting tasks on your to-do list
  • Handling administration and back-office functions

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  • Have your questions answered
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On average, entrepreneurs loses more than 30% of their week to low value tasks like administration, scheduling and email.

By taking care of energy-zapping tasks your assistant will allow you to focus on critical tasks and growing your business.

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Here's how a virtual assistant could help you

  • Email management
  • Scheduling and meetings
  • Administration and red-tape
  • Social media and content
  • Expenses and billing
  • Travel arrangements
Consultants and coaches

Consultants and coaches lose up to 40% of their time to non-billable activities, like scheduling.

By offloading non client-facing tasks to an assistant you'll be able to maximise your billable time and earnings and focus on finding clients.

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Here's how a virtual assistant could help you

  • Email management
  • Client communication
  • Document preparation
  • Invoicing
  • Scheduling and meetings
  • Email marketing
  • Project management
  • Administration and red-tape

The average team member loses 8 hours of work-time per week to personal tasks.

Pair your team with an assistant to take care of tasks like personal tasks, scheduling or liaising with providers to remove distractions and increase productivity.

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Here's how a virtual assistant could help you

  • Personal tasks
  • Research and sourcing
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Liaising with providers

Almost 60% of executives lose at least three hours a day to administrative tasks like email and expense claims.

A Time etc assistant is a direct executive assistant replacement that maximises executive impact by providing executives with an experienced executive assistant at a considerably lower cost.

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Here's how a virtual assistant could help you

  • Email management
  • Expenses
  • Administration
  • Scheduling and meetings
  • Travel

More than 22,000 people have discovered the difference a Time etc virtual assistant makes

They rely on their Time etc assistant to free their time and get more done every day.

Read what our clients say about us
  • Danielle Bornowski

    "Having my Time etc assistant has completely changed the way I do business."

    Danielle Bornowski
    5 Stars

    "Time etc partnered me with the right assistant straight off the bat. Louise is highly professional, helpful and creative. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner."

    Jim Lucas
  • "My business is thriving thanks to Time etc and I've never been happier. Thanks to the phenomenal assistants I'm working with, I'm able to free my mind of the day-to-day tasks and think about the big picture, come up with new offers and new business."

    Alinka Rutkowska
    Terra Bohlmann

    "My assistant has been like an angel in my life - doing all those things that need to be done, but not by me."

    Terra Bohlmann
  • 5 Stars

    "I have been a client of Time Etc for a few years and have been very satisfied! The assistants are extremely professional and very helpful. I would most definitely recommend Time Etc!"

    Amy Leighton
    5 Stars

    "I cannot recommend Time etc more highly. Once you have their support for a few tasks, you will wonder how you got along without them."

    Kevin Massengill
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Things people often ask us

Why do I need a virtual assistant?

You need a Virtual Assistant so that you can offload time-consuming admin tasks to someone else, leaving you free to focus on more important tasks such as growing your business or billing more of your available hours to paying clients. A Virtual Assistant can also free up your time to spend with your family and dramatically lower stress and overwhelm levels too.

Hiring yourself to do energy-zapping tasks is holding you back and isn't the best use of your time - 79% of entrepreneurs work a longer week than anyone else - but only 33% of businesses survive for more than 10 years.

A Virtual Assistant is a better option than hiring an assistant full-time because they offer more flexibility, considerably lower cost and no additional overheads needs such as office space or equipment.

How does a virtual assistant work?

A Virtual Assistant works just like a regular assistant, but they work remotely from their own home on a part-time basis. This means a Virtual Assistant can provide you with the vital support you need, at up to 90% less than the cost of hiring an assistant full-time.

Your Virtual Assistant can take care of the tasks that routinely steal your time, whether that’s scheduling, sorting your inbox or writing social media posts and blogs. They also cover ‘life admin’ – from booking family holidays to organising weddings and birthday parties.

How will I work with my assistant?

It's easy to delegate ongoing or one-off tasks to your Virtual Assistant using our website - they'll work on your tasks and keep you up to date on progress. Your Virtual Assistant will be dedicated to you, getting to know you and your business, and you'll work remotely using email, Whatsapp, text, phone, video meeting or other tools you prefer to use to communicate.

What if I've never used an assistant before?

Don't worry! Almost all of the tens of thousands of clients we've helped haven't worked with an assistant before. We’ll assign you a dedicated Client Happiness manager who is there to support and guide you at every step of the way.

How much time will I save by using a Virtual Assistant?

The amount of time you save depends on the size of plan you buy and how many tasks you delegate to your assistant. On average our clients save at least 20 hours per month.

What if I don't know what or how to delegate tasks?

Don't worry! As part of your onboarding journey, we'll explain exactly what kinds of task are best delegated to your assistant and, if you like, we'll even help you document them and get them ready for being handed over to your assistant.

How will me assistant understand me and my business?

During your onboarding we'll find out all about you and your business. This information will be passed to your new assistant so they'll be fully in the picture. In addition, you'll have online meetings with your assistant where they'll learn more about you and you’ll get to know and trust each other.

How do I get matched to a Virtual Assistant?

We'll find out about you and listen to your needs on a call together. Next, we'll suggest an assistant that meets your requirements. You'll be able to review their profile and speak to them before making your mind up.

In the unlikely event that our suggested assistant isn't quite right for you, we'll keep working until we find the perfect fit. In any case, you can always change your assistant, free of charge, if your needs change.

How do I sign up?

Book a call with a specialist who'll be able to get you up and running. If you prefer, try a virtual assistant for free by starting a free trial.

Is there a setup fee?

There's no setup fee. Just pay for your first month to get started.

How easy is it to cancel or change my plan?

It's very easy to cancel - there's no notice period and one email or call to our team is all it takes. You can grow or shrink your plan at a moments notice, at any time.

Is my confidential information safe?

All of our assistants have signed comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreements, created by legal professionals, to protect your confidential information. In addition, we provide a highly secure environment, featuring bank-grade encryption, through which to exchange your information. If you are concerned about confidential information, please contact us for further reassurance.

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