Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Virtual Assistant do?

Being a Virtual Assistant is different for everyone, and changes with each client's needs - but here's a basic overview of what you might expect to be responsible for as a Virtual Assistant:

  • Communicating via our website, email, Whatsapp, text, phone or video
  • Sorting email and managing inboxes
  • Managing and arranging calendars
  • Writing, formatting and editing documents
  • Handling general administration
  • Sorting expenses, invoices or other documents
  • Arranging travel and booking accommodations
  • Communicating with customers or suppliers
  • Posting to social media
  • Using systems, software and apps including CRM systems
  • Making calls, following-up and representing your client's company
  • Doing data entry
  • Taking minutes and transcribing audio
  • Researching services, suppliers or companies
  • We also have lots of clients who require basic support with marketing, writing, and social media.

Who will I be working with?

You'll be working with a small number of interesting clients who are entrepreneurs, small business owners or leaders. We'll introduce you to between three and six clients based on your skills and experience. You'll work with the same clients on an ongoing basis and we'll take care of things like invoicing.

If you enjoy building relationships, this is a great opportunity for you. Our focus is on creating happy long-term relationships with our clients and, as their assistant, you'll be responsible for any work they need you to complete and building a strong relationship with them.

So far, we've matched more than 22,000 entrepreneurs, leaders and business owners with our talented team of assistants.

What equipment do I need?

As a minimum you need a PC, Laptop or Mac and a stable internet connection. It might be helpful to have a web-cam and headset but these aren't essential.

What traits make a great assistant?

Self-motivation and strong admin skills are important. Here are some more traits that make a great Virtual Assistant:

  • Ability to work with between 3 and 6 clients at the same time
  • Switching between different tasks and responsibilities
  • Being proactive and seeking regular work from clients, rather than waiting to be asked
  • Being available to respond throughout your working hours
  • Responding quickly to emails, texts, chats or calls
  • Making sure work is done to a high standard and quickly putting right any issues

How does it fit around my family life?

We know balancing a family with the demands of work is difficult - which is why we created a way for talented people to use their skills and experience to access meaningful work from home. We want to perfectly complement your family life, not take it over.

As a Virtual Assistant, all of your work can be done at home using your laptop or computer. We'll ask that you're generally available for at least a couple of hours during normal working hours, but outside of this requirement, you're free to balance work with your life.

Many of our assistants drop their kids off at school in the morning, work during the day and then finish early to collect their kids and cook dinner. You can work whenever is best for you.

How will I be paid and how much can I earn?

You'll be paid directly by us, by the hour, for all the work that you do for our clients. We guarantee payment for all the work you do.

Starting rates are from $17 per hour and increase generously with time based on the long-term relationships that you build with the clients we introduce you to. So far, we've delivered more than 1 million hours of meaningful work to our assistants and paid out many millions in fees.

Like anything in life, the more you put in, the more you get out. Assistants who are prepared to build long-term relationships with clients can earn a great reliable income, with many of our assistants earning several thousand dollars per month.

Can being a Virtual Assistant replace a full-time income?

Time etc is a part-time flexible earning opportunity rather than a replacement for a full-time income. We don't recommend it to those who are looking to replace a full-time income (like a job).

That said, there are many thousands of people in the world who earn a full-time income as a Virtual Assistant, typically working for a mix of their own clients and clients through services like Time etc.

What's the maximum I can earn as a Virtual Assistant through Time etc?

There is no cap on what you can earn through Time etc, other than the number of hours you're prepared to work. That said, Time etc is a flexible part-time opportunity and the average assistant partner working through Time etc works about 39 hours a month - whilst you can earn a full-time income, it's better suited to those looking for a part-time income.

I've recently lost my job and need an income quickly. Is this suitable?

Time etc offers a flexible part-time opportunity. Because of the time it takes to establish yourself with clients, we wouldn't recommend it if you need to earn a full-time income quickly.

I want to experiment with being a Virtual Assistant, is this right for me?

No, we're looking for people who want to work from home as a Virtual Assistant on a part-time flexible basis for the long-term.

I've never done anything like this before, will I be able to do it?

Yes! Many of our assistants have never worked remotely as a Virtual Assistant before. It's easy to get started and we'll guide you every step of the way to help you get set up, succeed and thrive as a Virtual Assistant.

If you're self-motivated and have strong admin skills, you can do it!

How does Time etc compare to freelancing on my own?

Freelancing on your own is a fantastic way to earn money from home, but there are several benefits to working through Time etc too:

  • No need to go out and find clients, we'll bring them to you
  • No worrying about getting paid - we guarantee your payments
  • All the help you need, any time - you're never on your own
  • Do all the work in one place on our dashboard

When you work through Time etc, we handle almost everything for you - leaving you largely free to focus on profitable fee-earning work. In contrast, independent freelancers spend up to 66% of their time finding and talking to prospective clients and doing the administration required for their current clients like invoicing and collecting payments.

As a Time etc assistant, you're free to work as an independent assistant outside of our platform, too.


  • Find your own clients
  • No payment guarantees
  • No support

Time etc

  • We find the clients
  • Guaranteed payment
  • Friendly support

What support do you provide me with?

You're not alone at Time etc - throughout your journey as a freelance Virtual Assistant, you'll have unlimited access to the support, help, and guidance of our friendly team.

We've also put together video courses, guides and lessons to help you learn how to succeed as a Virtual Assistant.

We're here to help you succeed and thrive as a freelance Virtual Assistant earning an income working flexibly from your own home.

How does Time etc compare to having a job?

Time etc offers complete freedom and flexibility compared to a traditional office based job. We offer the ability to fit your work seamlessly into your family life or other responsibilities. You can choose how much or little you work and the hours you'd prefer to work.

Regular job

  • Commute
  • Low flexibility
  • No choice over hours
  • Conflicts with family life
  • You're not in control
  • Office politics

Time etc

  • No commute
  • Highly flexible
  • Choose your hours
  • Fits around family life
  • You're 100% in control
  • No office politics

Ready to discover rewarding, flexible work?

Earn a minimum of $17 per hour without leaving your home.

We're currently accepting applications. It's easy to apply and we'll give you a decision within the hour.

Please note: Time etc offers a flexible part-time opportunity and is not suitable for those looking to earn a full-time income.